“I know that there is a thin line between intuition and vision, and between vision and hallucination. And I also know that the difference between madness and creativity lies not so much in the nature of the inner experience of seeing something in a new way, but rather in what is done by the individual with that inner experience” (June Singer, Boundaries of the Soul: The Practice of Jung’s Psychology)
Often using bird imagery as a visual symbol for a non-physical aspect of one’s self, I create multidisciplinary artworks showing the psychological complexities underlying mental illness and maladaptive coping mechanisms. There is a process of destruction, and reconstruction of personal identity that happens in experiencing a mental illness and the subsequent treatment. This process of breakdown and recovery is a central focus of my work. Experiencing a mental illness or maladaptive state creates both a fragmented reality and a fragmented view of oneself and one’s identity, however, identity struggles are something that most people have at some level during their lifetime even without experiencing an adverse mental health condition. My work pushes people to look at these issues with empathy and opens a dialogue about these topics and eradicate the stigma that still surrounds mental illness.

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